sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010


discouragement, frustration, anger, desire to quit, are the feelings that now run through my veins. What the hell, try to make things even better by knowing and recognizing that there were errors but we wanted to do something that could make the difference and not wanting to go over anyone. But the reaction was caused a bit overblown, I think that exceeded certain limits. I can not sit still knowing that I might be concerned by a work team. I think it's time to leave. I think it is time to thank you for the opportunity, the affection and the experience that I have been provided. it is time to apologize for the less happy moments. yes, do not want to tell me in the face "beaten with many of your shit" ... fuck, am no god, am not perfect, but what the hell, I try to always give the best that is in me. an embrace of the size of the world to you

4 comentários:

  1. What the F* is this all about, dearest friend???

  2. um dia com um beirao (duplo) eu explico

  3. Com beirão ou sem beirão, sempre que quiseres... estou aqui!Sabes onde e como me encontrar!basta um telefonema!

  4. You´re special and essential.. Don´t forget it João* It´s not time to leave. It´s time to do better. It´s your victory :P *